Hard Interview

GrabBag - 50 Points



This one was pretty funny…for those who have watched the film Swordfish. (not like us)

 fish@sword:~$ cd ./
  cd: command not found
 fish@sword:~$ help
 A very hard interview: Codename Blow...Fish
 Maybe you can help me with something...
 DOD d-base, 128 bit encryption....What do you think?
 Maybe slide in a Trojan horse hiding a worm...
 I have been told that best "crackers" in the world can do it 60 minutes, unfortunately i need someone who can do it in 60 seconds... naturally with the right incentives ;)
 If you know what I mean, tell me how a real cracker accesses to a remote super protected server...

 Possible commands:
 	  hacker: Write code as a real hacker
 	    help: Give informations about the program
 	    hint: Gives a little hint
 	    exit: Loser...bye Bye
 	     ssh: A tiny ssh command
 	    date: A very useful and innovative feature

We checked the hint and the hacker command (just for fun)

 fish@sword:~$ hint
  usage:  ssh username@address
  username: THE username
  address: a not so easily reachable IP address
  Very simple...isn't it?

So we must connect with ssh to a not so easily reachable IP address
We tried

 fish@sword:~$ ssh root@
  … Username not found
  … Address not reachable

Nothing. After some hours and some other challenge we searched on google the “help” quote and the “fish@sword” hosts…

We got the Swordfish film then.
Watched the hacking scene on youtube

IP User

Oh, now we got what they mean with not so easily reachable IP address

 fish@sword:~$ ssh admin@312.5.125.233